Somya Akshat and Pinky Samtani

Sukhi Planet

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Sukhi Planet is established in Feb 2021 by Pinky & Somya. It’s a manufacturing and selling company of manure and pesticides made from organic matters.
We took this initiative to design a new sustainable infrastructure and creating sustainable jobs. This step will give justice to human health, environmental health and improved sustainability.
Sukhi Planet is a role model to all the entrepreneurs and young generation for running sustainable business model.

Our products:
1. Virkshahar
Type A is made from cow dung, dried leaves and kitchen resources
Type B is made from cow dung and dried leaves.

It is a powdered egg shell with certain herbs and is rich source of calcium. It support growth of flowering and fruits plants.

3. Virksho-upchar
It is a liquid pesticides made from cow urine, neem seed and garlic paste