Tie Women Pitch Competition 2021

Himadri Prajapati​

MS Paper & Engineering Works

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We at “MS Paper & Engineering Works” are coming up with a range of puzzles that will FLUMMOX you and challenge your problem solving abilities. These are in different sizes and complexities that’ll tempt an individual aging 7 years and above to explore and solve it. The puzzles will be classified into different levels depending on the complexity of the solution. The basic idea is to fill up the gap in different age groups, so that ocean of wisdom is truly passed to the upcoming generations.

We have an efficient team, engrossed in developing unique designs and quality products.

We were initially “MS Paper Product”, established in June 2018, and are engrossed in flexible paper pouch manufacturing. However due to change in ownership in March 2021, the company is now known as “MS Paper & Engineering Works”, which now focuses on various other engineering products as well.