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Pooja Sura

Sura Construction Services and Conart Engineers

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ConstructSkills is an online learning portal for skill development and knowledge sharing in the field of civil engineering. Currently, construction skills are learned at the job site. These untrained and unskilled employees are slow workers.

Our main goal is the bridge the gap between college education and practical site skills for new graduates. As the pressure on construction quality and timely completion continues to grow, we thrive to provide continual learning for professionals through best processes and knowledge sharing.

ConstructSkills courses are designed in such a manner that one can learn at their own pace, time, and convenience. Each course consists of about 12 lectures and each lecture is less than 5 minutes which is based on real on-site visuals. Our course is multilingual as well: English, Hindi, and Gujarati. A participant is expected to spend less than 10 minutes a day.

Better construction management which includes proper training of employees is required for optimizing resources and maximizing productivity and efficiency. Smart City mission can only be accomplished with continuous learning of new materials, processes, and technologies.  Such sharing of knowledge is not possible without e-Learning.