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SustainBhoomi Renewable and EV Consultancy LLP​

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SustainBhoomi Renewable & EV Consultancy offers a wide range of consulting services in the field of Renewable energy & the EV industry. We assist our clients with their projects from inception to completion by providing the technical advisory & experiential knowledge. Our idea is to is to start a system which will help people to invest in green projects through crowdfunding.  Our vision is “To make investment in renewable energy sector more understandable, accessible and profitable The key issues faced while financing or investing in renewable projects are:
  • Minimum or no knowledge of the risk level involved causes skepticism in the minds of possible investors
  • Projects require a large sum of money. Hence, a middle class person cannot invest entire capital required for renewable projects
Our Solution is to set up a system that is easy to use and understandable and which can help interested investors to invest as per their convenience starting right from 10,000 INR.  Following will be key features of the crowdfunding platform developed by us:
  • Low and medium investment opportunities
  • We will be conducting necessary due-diligence and will depict the risk associated with each investment
  • Dashboard to view the project progress and carbon emission reduction because of the investment.