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Anwesha Composite Education Foundation

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Nearly 4.3 million metric tons of hazardous silica waste is dumped in landfills every year in India. Adding to that is the mixed plastic dumping by Hospitals, Industry, and societies at large which ends up in landfills cropping up every few kilometres across major cities.

Anwesha Foundation has taken up the mission to drive sustainability through upcycling of waste silica and waste plastic. They treat waste as an opportunity and setup a circular ecosystem around it.

Waste plastic is collected from communities by setting up eco-camps and engaging eco-ambassadors; waste silica is collected by upcycling partner from the industry to prevent landfill dumping. Both the wastes are then upcycled into a new superior material called Silica Plastic Block (SPB) by upcycling partner using a unique upcycling technology.

The SPB is used at Anwesha Alternative school to create furniture items and utility products. The eco-friendly and sustainable upcycled products are sold to community and industries to raise funds for low-income students enrolled at the Alternative school completing the circular system.