Tie Women Pitch Competition 2021

Bhaveshri Prajapati

Be Health Positive (BH+)

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Infertility has affected up to 15% of reproductive-aged couples worldwide. According to  World Health Organization evaluation the complete prevalence of primary infertility in India  is between 3.9 to 16.8%.  

At Be Health Positive (BH+); our aim is to spread self-health awareness among women, to  acknowledge her about the growing infertility rates and thereby importance of the AMH  (Anti-Mullerian hormone) test in taking informed decision about her biological clock. Using  our DIY medical diagnostic solution at home; she can plan her future safely and smartly. By  using the Lateral Flow Technology, we offer a point of care solution to detect AMH in blood.  Currently, in Indian laboratories, AMH is being detected by ELISA method only and that is too  expensive for the common people, approximately costing 1500-2000 INR and is time  consuming as it may take one to several days for results to be available. Our rapid diagnostic  test home kit is cost effective providing instant results, and is user-friendly.