Vibrant Digital Platform

Connect people worldwide in a fully realized virtual experience.
Ingenious solutions for delivering successful events
We manage everything you need to run virtual and hybrid events, to nurture your business potential.

Virtual and Hybrid Events

Mutli-Day Events with managed services

Corporates, Industries, Universities,
Companies and Businesses

Create experience driven hybrid and virtual events

Elevate Attendee Experience using Virtual Platform:

Relevant Lead Generation

Evaluate Your Event Success With Detailed Reports

Solution That Suits Your Need


Engage in a Result driven Virtual Conference with seamless virtual experience

Trade Shows

Create buzz by showcasing your products in a cost-effective online trade show

Alumni Meet/ Convocation

Engage in a Result driven Virtual Conference with seamless virtual experience

Real Estate Fairs

Engage in a Result driven Virtual Conference with seamless virtual experience

Job Fairs/Career Fairs

Bring Employers and Job Seekers Together

Our Managed Services

Effective landing page

Custom Registration From

Real Time Chat

Share Memorable and Informative Video Content

Live, on-demand, pre-recorded video/audio streaming for webinars/conferences.

Tools to Boost Enjoyment and Engagement
Quizzes ,Voting Polls,Lucky draws

Services and Features

Branding and designs- keeping your designs intact in your booths will hold your logos, brochures, standees and bring your brand forward

One to one and One to many Meeting Rooms and networking sessions for preschedules meetings

Reports and Analytics for Measuring Impact and lead conversions

Live technical support during event hours

Mobile-Friendly & accessibility from any device and location


A dedicated person to coordinate all your needs with various internal communicationRegular meetings to understand your needs and customizationsWe will answer all your queries


Support in uploading your content and setting up boothsWe make sure that the event reflects and boosts participant's brandSponsors Showcase and highlighting


Support in choosing the right online channels for promotions.On demand online marketing support to help promote your event to your desired audience. (social media /email campaigns etc.)

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